Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kohar & Raffi's Valentine's Photo Shoot

When my sister-in-law Kohar asked me to take a few photos for their Valentine's card I of course had to do an entire shoot with props! I mean come on I couldn't help it. It was so much fun for me to make all these fun little detailed props for the shoot. We were working under a time constraint only having 15 minutes to take all these shots, but the pictures came out beautifully. The lighting was perfect and of course they sure are a good looking couple : ) very pleased with how these turned out. Thank you Raffi for being patient with us haha, you're a trooper ; ) 

For all you husbands out there always remember "A happy wife makes a happy life" ~Raffi


  1. Taleen,

    I see a profession photographer in the making here. (Are you a professional photographer?:)

    These pictures are beautiful!


  2. Hi Mandy! Thank you! I haven't had any formal training in photography but I just love it. It would definitely be amazing if I made a career out of it..but I am also into invitation design and event planning so we will see which path I choose.

  3. who is that good looking couple?? lol... thanks to your photography skills and passion, these pictures are amazing! I have one talented SIL! :)